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Doug Campbell is a great business-builder coach because he listens well, learns quickly, is a keen observer, and brings creative solutions to solve key business challenges.

John Bello Founder & CEO Sobe Healthy Beverage Company Rye, NY

Reinvent your business and soar to the next level. It requires persistence, commitment, the right attitude, a strong team, an excellent plan, and a great coach.

Every effective Executive & CEO Leader has a great coach behind him or her.

Douglas has a wealth of successes and experiences to draw upon - five business startups; Fortune 100 Strategic Planning and Marketing Director experience, 10 years teaching MBAs/undergraduates, and over 10 years as an Executive & CEO coach. He will be your partner on an ongoing basis as you develop new skills and insights to * build a vision for your business *develop and align your management team * strengthen business development * find the best resources* and solve and overcome key challenges facing your business or practice. Learn to "think outside the box" and reach new levels of success.

Reinvent your career. Follow a unique 10 step process to reassess, rethink, find your passion and relaunch your career. Proven strategies, advice and insights to help you "leap forward and reenergize."

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Doug Campbell - The Success Coach

Douglas Campbell III
The Success Coach

Executive & CEO Coach
Professional Speaker
Facilitator, Strategy & Team Building

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Doug is what a business coach should be. Growing an entrepreneurial company, or re-inventing an established one, has never been more difficult. Executives need more from a coach than a bologna sandwich once a month. Doug’s unique combination of solid business judgment, common sense, insight into human nature, market perspective and personal warmth is a perfect fit for executives facing the formidable challenges of today’s brutal business world. Most business coaches are about advice; Doug is about results.

Cliff Ennico
nationally syndicated newspaper columnist,
entrepreneurship expert and host of PBS
television’s MoneyHunt
Fairfield CT

My business has exploded due to increased confidence, great PR, and effective proposals for key clients. You were enormously helpful. I have reached a new level and just signed up the leading business publishing company in the country.

Ruth Sherman
Communications & Speech Coach
Old Greenwich CT

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Douglas Campbell III
The Success Coach
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