Types of Clients We Work With

  • Creative Arts Businesses – We work with Creative Arts Companies and Independent Professionals in the fields of media, communications companies, PR and advertising, photography, architecture, graphic design and authors to bring business skills and thinking to these highly talented professionals. We focus on making the business more efficient, pricing strategies, upgrading the image and positioning of the business, finding great resources, agent and partner relationships and agreements, and reducing costs.
  • Real Estate and Related Businesses – We work with real estate development companies, construction companies, landscaping, signage, wayfaring architects, etc. Projects include strategy retreats and team building in addition to executive coaching and working on strategy, business development, rebranding, and building and aligning teams.
  • Professional, Financial, and Service Businesses – This includes finance and insurance, legal and accounting, and service businesses of all types.
  • Internet & Technology Companies Coaching is focused on growth issues, business planning, and employee motivation and hiring and other issues as they come up
  • Startups & New Products – These efforts involve thinking through all the aspects of running and building a business. It involves anticipating what is coming next and how to plan for new successes.

Client – A Selected List

  • An Author who received a $300k advance and wrote a best selling book on China (built a speaking business)
  • A Head of Institutional Sales for an International Bank (30, 60, 90 day strategies; rebranding; changing culture; executive coaching)
  • A $100 million Publishing Company (strategy and structure)
  • An Advertising Agency startup (it now has 8 employees; 7 awards and national TV ads in its first 2 years)
  • A Boating Website ( that independently tests and evaluate boats of all sizes. Conducted by a leading captain with over 20 years of experience in the field. Business planning * Raised $1 million and sold it successfully within 3 years * Large archive and intellectual property (videos)
  • A Career Website (valuations; meeting with an acquiring $750 million publisher)
  • An Entrepreneurial Portal to work with service companies to start and grow their businesses. Has raised 700K (with more committed); Virtual company with 15 key players in CT/NY/MA/CA; Board of Advisors and Content Provider role
  • A Community-based Website designed to improve communications for client-organizations via email, fax, phone and to hold records, calendars etc. Leading edge technology / Community organizations to test prototype
  • A Real-estate Transaction ( website company for all aspects of the house purchase decision / Several patents * Excellent design team and product * Raising $2 million * Several partnerships/strategic alliances signed

Client Testimonials

I am focused and energized as I write my book and develop my coaching and speaking practice. Just landed a major speech in Europe. Thanks for your many insights along the way.
Dar Gillett
Writer/ Facilitator/Coach
Bath, ME
My business has exploded due to increased confidence, great PR, and effective proposals for key clients. You were enormously helpful. I have reached a new level and just signed up the leading business publishing company in the country.
Ruth Sherman
Communications & Speech Coach
Stamford, CT
You helped launch the business, and we landed a $250,000 order in the first 3 months.
Patty Canton Nast
Nat Nast Clothing Company
Wilton, CT
Our mission statement is terrific (and we even use it!) and we learned things that were really surprising. With great appreciation I look forward to your continued guidance.
Michael Leblanc (LeBlanc Communications)
Small Business Person of the Year – Norwalk Chamber of Commerce
Connecticut Fast 50, Norwalk, CT