High Talent Creatives Resource & Networking Group

How It Was Started

This group was started after a lunch with Bryan Mattimore (Author, 99% Inspiration, American Management Association Book of the Year) who conducts new product ideation seminars across the country. He expressed a need for a group of talented professionals to bounce ideas off, and help evaluate and shape new concepts/ideas. We have met with leading entrepreneurs in southwest Connecticut and the New york area – many of whom have been recognized nationally for the success of their businesses.

The HTCs (High Talent Creatives) was some of the best fun I’ve had in months! The BoatTest presentation was great and highly interactive. Some great contacts and ideas for my property management business.
Rich Donnelly
Stamford, CT



Douglas Campbell III works with CEOs and independent professionals (Top Performers) to start and grow businesses. His clients include creative & media companies, professional, personal  and financial services, real estate & related companies, internet, new media & startups. He is the author of Where To Go From Here: Reinventing Your Career, Your Business, Your Working Life.

Initial Topic

Meet with the CEO & key employees. Hear about company’s new products and strategy. Bring your next great business direction or idea & brainstorm around it.


This invitation is extended only to a select group of individuals who have attained high levels of success in their field (launched creative companies, nationals speakers association; authors, etc.) and been recognized for their efforts. Call 203-952-1161 for more information.

Expect 10-12 at meeting; facilitated like an executive MBA class only focused on business issues that confront participants.


Meetings have been held throughout Fairfield County and in Westchester. Attendees come from Connecticut, New York and several other states depending on schedules.

Future Meetings

8-10am, usually on the third Thursday or Friday of the month

Cost: $65/meeting includes light breakfast


Meeting Date
11/14/2014 Tea-rrific! Ice Cream Mario Leite
6/27/2014 Trial Creative Daniel Lee
5/15/2014 Future Five Clif McFeely
5/15/2014 Future Five Clif McFeely
4/4/2014 Comradity Jim Kern and Katherine Kern
2/28/2014 Green Up Group Bob Coogan
9/12/2013 Realm Conor Coleman and David Donofrio
6/7/2013 Hotel Zero Norwalk Mia Schipani
10/12/2012 Charter Oak Brewing Scott Vallely
6/7/2012 Labyrinth Company David Tolzmann
2/2/2012 It’s Relevant Harlan Neugeboren
11/10/2011 Kevin Mowers Energy Catalyst
6/23/2011 Onboarding George Bradt
5/13/2011 Giveback.org Steve Pallota and Randy Bourne
4/8/2011 Structured Solutions II Mark Noonan
3/11/2011 Remarkable Reading Concepts David Keefe
10/29/2010 Main street Connect Carll Tucker
7/8/2010 Bonnie Marcus Designs Bonnie Marcus
5/6/2010 Life Solutions Center Maud Purcell
4/8/2010 Tegu Will Haughey
1/28/2010 The Realization of Art Diane Dewey
10/16/2009 NHance Baxter Urist & Llew Smith
6/26/2009 Linking, Friending,Tweeting, & More Carol McManus
6/4/2009 Extreme Business Makeover Scott Lichtman
5/7/2009 Sharpe Hill Vineyards David Vollweiller
4/9/2009 david ID Carl Nichols
2/26/2009 BKFK.com Norm Goldstein & Art Shulman
1/14/2009 Moore Mind * Muscle * Movement Bob Moore
12/4/2008 Author; Safari Company Owner Les de Villiers
9/25/2008 Local Matters Greg Reilly
6/12/2008 Yachstore.com Michael Halstead
5/8/2008 Juliska David Gooding
2/7/2008 Joe Chu, Entrepreneur Joe Chu
11/8/2007 Rockwell Art and Framing Steve Desloge
10/11/2007 Kitchens by Deane Peter Deane
6/15/2007 Lipenwald Michael Weinstein
5/10/2007 Palace Digital Chris Campbell
4/5/2007 Soundprints & Trudy Corporation Bill Burnham
2/16/2007 The Growth Engine Company Bryan Mattimore & Gary Fraser
12/1/2006 Cause Marketing Forum David Hessekiel
10/15/2006 Tasty Bite Ashok Vasudevan
9/17/2006 paper.com John Engel & Scott Vallely
6/2/2006 CareerDNA Brian Schwartz & Rod Parker
5/4/2006 Execunet Dave Opton
4/7/2006 allcountyjobs.com Chris Russell
3/3/2006 Word Power Challenge Kathleen Bordelon
11/3/2005 MaxEx PR Linda Kavanaugh
10/6/2005 Altamira Richard Rapp
5/5/2005 The Wooden Boatshop Martin Mittag & Peter Hess
3/31/2005 John Robert Powers Peter Herring
2/18/2005 The Youth Trust Llew Smith
12/2/2004 Village Office Supply Chuck Chesler
10/21/2004 Valley of Mexico Steve Bowling
6/10/2004 TSN Group Rick Adler
3/12/2004 General Resource Corp Gene Rostov
1/28/2004 Author, TV Show Host Nancy Rosanoff
12/4/2003 Taylor Design Dan Taylor
9/26/2003 ZAI Publications Peter Kaufman
6/19/2003 In Vitro Sciences Vickie Baldwin
5/9/2003 Boardroom Brian Kurtz
4/3/2003 Uncle Wiley’s Wiley Mullins
3/13/2003 Plezecall David West
10/17/2002 Innovative Kids Michael Levins
9/19/2002 Author/Book Coach Lucy Hedrick
5/2/2002 KidsEvents.com Jeff Bardos & Cathy Blood
3/28/2002 Iris Wireless Peter Rinfret
2/7/2002 Moneyhunt/Biennix Corp Cliff Ennico
11/16/2001 American Town Networks Mike Kelly
10/19/2001 Nat Nast Company Patty Nast Canton
9/14/2001 Greenfield Consulting Group Andy Greenfield
6/29/2001 E Commerce Solutions George Russell
5/17/2001 babygear.com Preston Beale
4/5/2001 Plezecall Dave West
3/1/2001 e-media.com John Engel
1/26/2001 boattest.com Captain Chris Kelly
11/17/2000 Felicite.com Hans Hsu
9/22/2000 Tailwind.com Brad Fisher
6/9/2000 6figurejobs.com Chris Miller
5/12/2000 Author/Syndicated Columnist Tom Culley
4/7/2000 enewsrelease.com Charlie Stackhouse & Max Oakes
3/2/2000 North Castle Partners Advertising Cliff McFeely
1/28/2000 Praxis Media/Palace Productions Dr.Chris Campbell
12/1/1999 SOBE Healthy Beverages John Bello
10/1/1999 Moneyhunt Miles Spencer & Cliff Ennico
9/1/1999 Edgar Online Susan & Mark Strausberg
5/1/1999 Astronet Eugenie Diserio
4/1/1999 AD Infotech/Realhub Steve Chainani
3/1/1999 Boardroom Marty Edelston
1/1/1999 Palace Productions Chris Campbell
12/1/1998 Exposures Randy Bourne
10/1/1998 Best Friends Charlie Cocotas
9/1/1998 SOBE John Bello