Executive and Career Coaching

The Success Coach Doug Campbell - CoachingWe work with business owners and and talented independent professionals to reach the next level of success. The Success Coach serves as a sounding board and board of advisors to help you and your organization grow. Because we specialize in companies with 1-50 employees or divisions of larger companies, we become a part of your organization and work on strategy, business development, organizational structure & team building, and help you find much-needed top-level resources.

Having launched five successful businesses, managed Marketing for a Fortune 100 and taught business to MBAs and undergrads for 10 years, we frequently can anticipate key challenges you will face as you grow. We can help you evaluate and motivate key employees and develop the proper structure and organization to move ahead. You can share the “truth” and key challenges you are facing, and key managers can benefit from over 12 years of executive coaching experience.

A typical client is successful, but not where they want to be. They want to diversify their business, reinvent it, or rethink how it operates. We recently worked with a real estate development company that grew from three to 20 people in four years. This involved bi-weekly coaching for the CEO in person and on the phone, and facilitating and designing a strategy retreat after nine months, and a team building retreat after 15 months.

We also worked to create a marketing communications agency which grew from two virtual employees to eight professionals in an energized office in two years. This involved weekly coaching, regular quarterly reviews of strategy and performance, team building and fine tuning the organization. The company has now grown to over $3million in revenue.

Everyone has the ability to be successful – goal setting and where and how you focus is essential to professional growth. The ability to identify and master key skills and to build and develop a team (or virtual team) is a constant challenge. It is also important to improve and keep balance in all areas of our lives: Career/Business, Relationships, Finances, Health/Well-Being, Recreation, Personal Development, and Spirituality.

Tiger Woods has several golf coaches. John Tesch has music and vocal coaches. Business owners and entrepreneurs can benefit from a coach who can use his wealth of experience and over 30 techniques to help you reach new levels of success. Carpe diem and take the plunge!

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Coaching Options

  • Individual coaching is offered in thirty- forty-five minute sessions four times each month over the phone at mutually agreed upon times. These may be before or after the workday.
  • In addition, face-to-face meetings will be held (1+ hours) twice every quarter.
Intensive Coaching
  • Face-to-face meetings four times each quarter (1 & ½ +hours) and over the phone twice per month. In depth sessions focus on strategies, team building, and key issues.
Coaching/Advisory Board Role
  • Face-to-face meetings as needed, usually about six times per quarter (2 hours). Coaching over the phone. Meeting with clients and key managers to better understand the business and make recommendations.

Doug Campbell - 6 benefits of working with a coach

Can I Coach You?

  • Yes, if you are intelligent, enthusiastic, willing, and a committed individual who wants more out of life.
  • Yes, if you are an individual who realizes that change will put you in a different place in life.
  • Yes, if you realize that if you “Do what you have always done you will get what you have always gotten.”
  • Yes, if you are committed to being the best you can be, not just in one area of your life, but in your whole life.
  • Yes, if you want to be responsible for your dreams, not just wait for them to happen.
  • Yes, if you are action-oriented in the improvement of your life.

You Could Be A:

  1. Business Owner/Entrepreneurs
  2. Entrepreneur in Transition
  3. Creative Professional
  4. Financial/Medical Professional
  5. Internet/Software Company
  6. Sales Professional

Expectations of My Clients

  1. That you are willing to make changes to grow now.
  2. That you are ready to be coached and willing to work as a team to achieve your goals.
  3. That you are able to invest in yourself.
  4. That you are willing to apply new skills, and have an “I must” attitude.
  5. That you are willing to”try on” new approaches to life.

Approach Taken during Coaching

  1. Seek to understand what you really want and how together we can achieve it.
  2. Determine what has been preventing you from achieving your dreams.
  3. Get rid of your old baggage and move on.
  4. Set clear goals, and strategies for achieving them.
  5. Aim for balance in all areas of your life. (Physical, Financial, Emotional-Social and Spiritual.)

What to Expect from Me

  1. Total focus, presence and energy, while giving you the very best of my skills and knowledge.
  2. Commitment to making the process fun, exciting, and enjoyable.
  3. Professionalism in all aspects of our relationship, including:
  4. Honesty
  5. Confidentially

Are you ready for the challenge?

Doug Campbell - get started now

How Do I Start?

I want you to experience coaching, so I offer a complimentary coaching session which will help you learn more about your business and yourself. There is a synergistic & professional partnership to help clients reach the next level of success. Every business owner needs a business advisor who understands their business and can serve as an independent voice and confidant.

If we decide to move ahead, I will conduct some personal and business assessments to better understand your business and identify key business challenges.

To experience The Success Coach, call 203-975-0320.